Titel Autor Jahr
Measurement of the Depth of Shower Maximum in the Transition Region... Porcelli, Alessio 2014
Measurement of the production cross sections for a Z boson and one... Chatrchyan, S. Khachatryan,... 2014
Measurement of the top-quark mass in all-jets tt¯ events in pp... Chatrchyan, S. Khachatryan,... 2014
Measurement of the triple-differential cross section for photon +... Chatrchyan, S. Khachatryan,... 2014
Measurements of the t(t)Overbar charge asymmetry using the dilepton... Chatrchyan, S. Khachatryan,... 2014
Mechanics of Intermediate Filament Networks Pawelzyk, Paul 2014
Mechanische Zuverlässigkeit von gedruckten und gasförmig... Haas, Thomas 2014
Mechanosensing in Plants - Mechanosensitive Calcium Channels versus... Liu, Qiong 2014
Mental workload during n-back task - quantified in the prefrontal... Herff, C. Heger, D. ... 2014
Methoden der Anomalieerkennung mit besonderem Hinblick auf... Vogelbacher, David 2014
Methods for Efficient and Accurate Discovery of Services Junghans, Martin 2014
MHD flow in a prototypical manifold of DCLL blankets (KIT Scientific... Mistrangelo, Chiara Bühler,... 2014
Microbial Lipid Production with Oleaginous Yeasts Schulze, Ines 2014
Microstructure evolution in strontium titanate Investigated by means... Syha, Melanie 2014
Microstructure evolution in strontium titanate Investigated by means... Syha, Melanie 2014
Mikrostrukturelle Charakterisierung, Modellentwicklung und... Ender, Moses 2014
Millimeter-Precision Laser Rangefinder Using a Low-Cost Photon... Eisele, Andreas 2014
Mobilisation or dilution? Nitrate response of karst springs to high... Huebsch, M. Fenton, O. ... 2014
Modeling and Selection of Software Service Variants Wittern, John Erik 2014
ModelJoin. A Textual Domain-Specific Language for the Combination of... Burger, Erik Henß, Jörg ... 2014
Modellbasierter Ansatz zur probabilistischen Interpretation von... Schamm, Thomas 2014
Modular Modification of Polymeric Microspheres Kaupp, Michael 2014
Motion Field Segmentation and Appearance Change Detection for Hand... Hammer, Jan Hendrik 2014
Multiscale Simulation and Analysis of Structured Ribonucleic... Lutz, Benjamin 2014
N2O, NO, N2, and CO2 emissions from tropical savanna and grassland... Werner, C. Reiser, K. ... 2014
Nanoscale phenomena in lubrication: from atomistic simulations to... Savio, Daniele 2014
Nanotechnology as general purpose technology Kreuchauff, Florian Teichert,... 2014
NENA - Ein Rahmenwerk für maßgeschneiderte... Martin, Denis 2014
Neue Forschungen zur Baugeschichte des Heidelberger Schlosses -... Hanschke, Julian 2014
Neutrinos as Probes of Lorentz Invariance Diaz, Jorge S. 2014
New Weapon from an Ancient Tree - Antifungal protein ginkbilobin... Gao, Ningning 2014
Next-to-Leading Order QCD Corrections to Vector Boson Pair... Kerner, Matthias 2014
Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to Wy production in... Campanario, F. Kerner, M. ... 2014
nlrpBENCH: A Benchmark for Natural Language Requirements... Tichy, Walter F. Landhäußer,... 2014
Nontrivial topological structures of spacetime and implications for... Sorba, Fabrizio 2014
Novel Conductive Gel Polymers Based on Acrylates and Ionic... Tosoni, M. Schulz, M. ... 2014
Numerical Investigation of Stratified Thermal Storage Tank Applied... Taheri, Hadi 2014
Numerical study of the wake acceleration effect using CFD... Chai, Xiang 2014
Numerical study of void drift in rod bundle with subchannel and CFD... Pang, Bo 2014
Numerische und experimentelle Untersuchung zerspanungsbedingter... Michna, Jürgen 2014
Numerische Untersuchung des Wärmeübertragungsverhaltens in... Kneer, Aron 2014
Objektive Bewertung querdynamischer Reifeneigenschaften im... Gutjahr, David 2014
Observed groundwater temperature response to recent climate... Menberg, K. Blum, P. ... 2014
OFDM Radar Algorithms in Mobile Communication Networks Braun, Klaus Martin 2014
Öffentliche Wissenschaft in Sonderforschungsbereichen: Inside... Robertson-von Trotha, Caroline... 2014
On Continuous Magnetically Enhanced Centrifugation in Large Scale... Lindner, Johannes 2014
One Campus - Many Ways to Go?! A methodological comparison of... Kunz, Alexa Maria ... 2014
One-Dimensional Tunable Josephson Metamaterials - Eindimensionale... Butz, Susanne 2014
Online Optimization with Lookahead Dunke, Fabian 2014
On the gauge dependence of the Standard Model vacuum instability... Di Luzio, Luca Mihaila,... 2014