Titel Autor Jahr
Bottom quark mass from Upsilon sum rules to O (alpha(3)(s)) Penin, A.A. Zerf, N. 2014
Boundary-Layer Processes Producing Mesoscale Water-Vapour... Adler, Bianca 2014
"Brain drain" aus Entwicklungsländern? Migrationsmotive und... Mbah, Melanie Veronika 2014
Bruch von Proteinkristallen im mechanischen Trennprozess Cornehl, Bianca 2014
Buchenfurnierschichtholz - Leistungsmerkmale, Anwendung und... Enders-Comberg, Markus Frese,... 2014
Building Evacuation with Mobile Devices Merkel, Sabrina 2014
Building Evacuation with Mobile Devices Merkel, Sabrina 2014
Building Information Modeling (BIM) for existing buildings -... Volk, Rebekka Stengel, Julian ... 2014
Bulk-Parallel Priority Queue in External Memory Keh, Thomas 2014
bwSync&Share etabliert: ein Rück- und Ausblick Scheibenberger, Klaus 2014
"bwUniCluste": Leistung und Nutzungsmöglichkeiten Häfner, Hartmut 2014
Can a bog drained for forestry be a stronger carbon sink than a... Hommeltenberg, J. Schmid,... 2014
Can I trust my one-class classification? Mack, B. Roscher, R. Waske,... 2014
Capillary thinning of viscoelastic fluid filaments Sachsenheimer, Dirk 2014
Catch trials in force field learning influence adaptation and... Stockinger, C. Focke, A. ... 2014
Characterisation of the environment of U and Th in the effluent of a... Fernandes, T. Dardenne, K. ... 2014
Characterization of oxide layers thermally grown onFeCrAl-based... Jianu, A. Weisenburger, A. ... 2014
Characterization of X-ray rolled prism lenses within MiQA... Vogt, H. Marschall, M. ... 2014
Charakterisierung der Verluste in Vordralldüsensystemen: Wege zu... Bricaud, Cyrille 2014
Charge carrier localization in (DOEO)4[HgBr]4.TCE and Peierls... Chernenkaya, A. Medjanik, K. ... 2014
Charge distribution of metallic single walled carbon... Robert, P.T. Danneau,... 2014
Charge transfer at the interface between cobalt phtalocyanine and... Glaser, M. Peisert, H. ... 2014
Chloroaluminum phthalocyanine thin films: chemical reaction and... Latteyer, F. Peisert, H. ... 2014
Classification Systems in german public libraries. An overview about... Seeger, Frank 2014
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2014,1 Karlsruher Institut für... 2014
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2014,2 Karlsruher Institut für... 2014
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2014,3 Karlsruher Institut für... 2014
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2014,4 Karlsruher Institut für... 2014
Close Readings - Kulturgeschichtliche Interpretationen zu Bildern... Kunze, Rolf-Ulrich 2014
Cloud Standby - Eine Methode zur Vorhaltung eines Notfallsystems in... Lenk, Alexander 2014
Cloud Storage für das "Human Brain Project" Hardt, Marcus 2014
Coating and drying processes for functional films in polymer solar... Wengeler, Lukas 2014
Collaborative Literature Work in the Scientific & Educational... Burkard, Leon Geyer-Schulz,... 2014
Collaborative Networking: The Integration of Collaborative... Banitalebi, Behnam 2014
Commissioning of the KATRIN Raman system and durability studies of... Fischer, Sebastian 2014
Comparison of Manganese Concentration and Distribution in Human... Rauwolf, M. Pemmer, B. ... 2014
Comparison of nitric oxide measurements in the mesosphere and lower... Bender, S. Sinnhuber, M. von... 2014
Competing Phases in Iron-Based Superconductors Studied by... Böhmer, Anna Elisabeth 2014
Complaint Management and the Role of Relationship Quality Meyer-Waarden, Lars Sabadie,... 2014
Computational studies of membrane-active antimicrobial peptides and... Reißer, Sabine 2014
Computer-assisted Multiplicity Proofs for Emden's Equation on... Rütters, Dagmar 2014
Conceptual Causal Framework for the Diffusion of Emerging CO2-saving... Seitz, Claudio 2014
Confidential Data-Outsourcing and Self-Optimizing P2P-Networks:... Jünemann, Konrad 2014
Confocal XRF Imaging of elemental deposition of Mn, Ni and Cu on the... Fittschen, U. Bösenberg, U. ... 2014
Conformational analysis of novel cell-penetrating peptide SAP... Kubyshkin, V. Afonin,... 2014
Consolidation of Customized Product Copies into Software Product... Klatt, Benjamin 2014
Constraints on the Higgs boson width from off-shell production and... Khachatryan, V. Sirunyan,... 2014
Constraints on Transport Models for Galactic Cosmic Rays and their... Kunz, Simon Michael 2014
Constructing a Symbolic Desert: Place and Identity in Contemporary... Shavit, Ze'ev 2014
Consumer Empowerment: What and Why? Geyer-Schulz, Andreas ... 2014