Titel Autor Jahr
Ranking for Web Data Search Using On-The-Fly Data... Herzig, Daniel Markus 2014
Real-time Nyquist signaling with dynamic precision and flexible... Schmogrow, R. Meyer, M. ... 2014
RECAA - Werkzeugunterstützung in der Anforderungserhebung Körner, Sven J. 2014
RECAA - Werkzeugunterstützung in der Anforderungserhebung Körner, Sven J. 2014
Recent Advances in Modularity Optimization and Their Application in... Geyer-Schulz, Andreas ... 2014
Recursive Generalized Total Least Squares with Noise Covariance... Rhode, S. Bleimund, F. ... 2014
Reference data for evaluation of gas production cross-sections in... Konobeyev, A. Yu. Fischer,... 2014
Replikation von µ-Peptidarrays Striffler, Jakob 2014
Reseach to Business : Kunden-Newsletter Innovation. 2014,1 Karlsruhe Institut für... 2014
Resolution-Controlled Conductivity Discretization in Electrical... Winkler, Robert Rieder,... 2014
Resource Allocation for Software Pipelines in Many-core... Jahn, Janmartin 2014
RN migration in a single fracture from Äspö, Sweden : Experiments... Huber, Florian Trinchero,... 2014
Scalability Study of HiFlow3 based on a Fluid Flow Channel... Heuveline, Vincent Ketelaer,... 2014
Scale-Wavelength Decomposition of Hyperspectral Signals - Use for... Ehrler, Christoph 2014
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on Electron-Boson Interactions in... Schackert, Michael Peter 2014
SCC betreibt größte deutsche Hochschul-Cloud Scheller, Ursula 2014
SCC-News. 2014,1 April Steinbuch Centre for... 2014
Seismic Tomography is Locally Ill-Posed Kirsch, Andreas Rieder,... 2014
Seltene B-Meson-Zerfälle innerhalb und jenseits des... Hermann, Thomas 2014
Semantische Informationsintegration - Konzeption eines auf... Bittel, Vitalis 2014
Sensor Emulation with Machine Learning Methods Schmurr, Philipp 2014
Service Dependency Discovery in the Web Saalfeld, Alina 2014
Significant release of shear energy of the North Korean nuclear test... Barth, Andreas 2014
Silica in humid air environment (I): Diffusion in the absence of... Fett, Theo Wiederhorn,... 2014
Simulation of Soft Inclusive Events at Hadron Colliders Röhr, Christian 2014
Single-Peaked Preferences - Extensions, Empirics and Experimental... Block de Priego, Veronica... 2014
Single Scattering Underwatter Imaging Model. Technical Report... Stephan, Thomas 2014
Six Hydrophobins are involved in Hydrophobin Rodlet formation in... Grünbacher, A. Throm, T. ... 2014
Social Access Control Sonnenbichler, Andreas... 2014
Spectral Enhancement of Organic Photodetectors Rauch, Tobias 2014
Sportethik und Wirtschaftsethik: Konkurrenz und Fairness in Sport... Lenk, Hans 2014
Spurführungsregelung eines aktiv gelenkten Radpaars für... Wei, Yunfan 2014
State Estimation for Distributed Systems with Stochastic and... Noack, Benjamin 2014
State-of-the-Art of High Power Gyro-Devices and Free Electron... Thumm, Manfred 2014
Steigerung der Prozesswiederholbarkeit mittels Analyse akustischer... Weber, Patricia 2014
Steuerungswirkungen der Hochschulfinanzierung in Deutschland Fischer, Georg-Benedikt 2014
STM Characterization of Phenylene-Ethynylene Oligomers on Au(111)... Thiele, Cornelius 2014
Storing and Analyzing Bibliographic Metadata with... Düpmeier, Clemens Schmitt,... 2014
Studies on Irradiated Silicon Sensors for the CMS Tracker at the... Nürnberg, Andreas 2014
Subject Indexing for Author Name Disambiguation. Opportunities and... Hedeler, Cornelia Kempf,... 2014
Subject indexing of textbooks - challenges in the construction of a... Pramann, Bianca Drechsler,... 2014
Summary of the topical session : "In situ URL experiments" Schäfer, Torsten 2014
Superconducting flux qubits with pi-junctions = Supraleitende... Shcherbakova, Anastasia 2014
Sustainability of the German Pension Scheme: Employment at Higher... Lewicki, Maria Patricia 2014
Systemisch-lösungsorientiertes Coaching als unterstützter... Wolf, Carmen 2014
TC(VII) sorption on natural granitix rocks and synthetic... Totskiy, Yury, Schäfer,... 2014
Techno-ökonomischer Vergleich des Einsatzes von Strom, SNG und... Hurtig, Oliver 2014
The Arab Spring as a Women's Revolution Caferri, Francesca 2014
The AUGERHIT Option of the Air Shower Simulation Program... Oehlschläger, Jürgen Heck,... 2014
The CERN Resonant WISP Search (CROWS) Betz, Michael 2014