Titel Autor Jahr
Bosonization of Nonequilibrium Quantum Wire Networks Ngo Dinh, Stéphane 2013
Brettschichtholz aus acetylierter Radiata Kiefer Blaß, Hans Joachim Frese,... 2013
Bubbles and crowding-in of capital via a savings glut Hillebrand, Marten Kikuchi,... 2013
Building Blocks for Mapping Services Luxen, Dennis 2013
Cadherin-11 Mediates Contact Inhibition of Locomotion during Xenopus... Becker, Sarah F. S. Mayor,... 2013
CAE - PROCESS AND NETWORK : A methodology for continuous product... Syal, Gagan 2013
Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Hybrid Material Design via Modular Ligation... Zydziak, Nicolas Pierre... 2013
Carl Sternheim und die Komödie des Expressionismus Liu, Li 2013
Catalytic Reforming of Methane in the Presence of CO2 and H2O at... Roussière, Thomas Luc 2013
Certifying Software Component Performance Specifications Groenda, Henning 2013
Challenges of Position Coding with Thermal Patterns. Technical... Höfer, Sebastian 2013
Chancen der Energiewende : wissenschaftliche Beiträge des KIT zur 1.... Breh, Wolfgang Schätzler,... 2013
Change-Point Methods for Multivariate Autoregressive Models and... Muhsal, Birte Chantal... 2013
Characteristics of the activity-affect association in inactive... Haaren, Birte von Loeffler,... 2013
Characterization and Optimization of the new Imaging Fourier... Sha, Mahesh Kumar 2013
Charakterisierung der Akquisition von Kohlenhydraten in Ustilago... Schuler, David 2013
Charakterisierung von Biofilmen und Untersuchung des pilzlichen... Zoller, Julia 2013
Charge Transport in DNA - Insights from Simulations Wolter, Mario 2013
Chemistry and thermodynamics of actinides in aqueous... Altmaier, M. Banik, N.L. ... 2013
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2013,1 Karlsruher Institut für... 2013
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2013,2 Karlsruher Institut für... 2013
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2013,3 Karlsruher Institut für... 2013
clicKIT. Das Onlinemagazin für Studierende. 2013,4 Karlsruher Institut für... 2013
Clogging of Microchannels by Nano-particles due to... Georgieva, Kristina 2013
Cloud Computing. YVAINE - Dynamische IT-Ressourcen in... Bonn, Matthias Mauch, Viktor ... 2013
CMI: An Information-Theoretic Contrast Measure for Enhancing... Böhm, Klemens Keller, Fabia ... 2013
Cockroaches probably cleaned up after dinosaurs Vr¨ansky, P. van de Kamp, T. ... 2013
Colloid impact on radionuclide (RN) migration Banik, N. Bouby, M. Büchner,... 2013
Colloid/nanoparticle formation and mobility in the context of deep... Huber, Florian [Hrsg.] ... 2013
Combining Classification Schemes for Browsing and Faceted Navigation... Mönnich, Michael 2013
Complete Primitives for Information-Theoretically Secure Two-Party... Kraschewski, Daniel 2013
Composition of Anonymized Data and Structure-based Attacks Nilges, Tobias Huber,... 2013
Computational Study of Synthetic Agonist Ligands of Ionotropic... Wolter, Tino Steinbrecher,... 2013
Concept and Design of a Hand-held Mobile Robot System for... Kane, Gavin J. 2013
Constructing water vapor maps by fusing InSAR, GNSS and WRF... Alshawaf, Fadwa 2013
Contribution on Control Strategies of Flow-On-Demand Hydraulic... Scherer, Martin Geimer,... 2013
Cooper pair transport in arrays of Josephson junctions =... Zimmer, Jochen Oltmann 2013
Coordinating Service Compositions : Model and Infrastructure for... Schuster, Nelly 2013
Coulomb Interaction and Transport in Graphene Structures Schütt, Michael 2013
Cyber-physische Systeme Gong, Jian 2013
DARIAH - A European Research Infrastructure Tonne, Danah Stotzka, Rainer ... 2013
Das bwIDM-Projekt - Wegbereiter für eine föderative... Köhler, Jens Simon, Michael ... 2013
Das erweiterte X-in-the-Loop-Framework zur durchgängigen Integration... Schröter, Jens 2013
Das relevante System zur Bewertung von Antriebskonzepten Chlond, Bastian 2013
Das relevante System zur Bewertung von Antriebskonzepten Buchgeister, Jens 2013
Das relevante System zur Bewertung von Antriebskonzepten Jochem, Patrick Schippl,... 2013
Das SCC ServiceDesk vor fünf Jahren und heute Westergom, Horst 2013
Data Analysis Challenges in the Future Energy Domain Eichinger, Frank ... 2013
Data Analysis for Ultra Fast X-Ray Tomography Yang, Xiaoli Stotzka, Rainer ... 2013
Data-driven Methods for Fault Localization in Process... Kühnert, Christian 2013