Titel Autor Jahr
Systemisch-lösungsorientiertes Coaching als unterstützter... Wolf, Carmen 2014
TC(VII) sorption on natural granitix rocks and synthetic... Totskiy, Yury, Schäfer,... 2014
Technical Note: Field experiences using UV/VIS sensors for... Huebsch, M. Grimmeisen, F. ... 2014
Technikkompatibilität von Netzwerken in der ambulanten Pflege von... Eurich, Johannes Decker,... 2014
Technische Unterstützung für Menschen mit Demenz - Ein... Schultz, Tanja Putze, Felix ... 2014
Technische Unterstützung für Menschen mit Demenz : Symposium 30.09.... Schultz, Tanja [Hrsg.] Putze,... 2014
Techno-ökonomischer Vergleich des Einsatzes von Strom, SNG und... Hurtig, Oliver 2014
TEM and STEM/EELS Studies of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Films and... Zhang, Xinyi 2014
Temperature Effects on Bacterial Phytochrome Njimona, Ibrahim Yang, Rui ... 2014
Test_2 Wilhelm, Julia 2014
Test Publikation Wilhelm, Juli 2014
Tests of Lorentz Symmetry in Single Beta Decay Díaz, Jorge S. 2014
The Arab Spring as a Women's Revolution Caferri, Francesca 2014
The AUGERHIT Option of the Air Shower Simulation Program... Oehlschläger, Jürgen Heck,... 2014
The CERN Resonant WISP Search (CROWS) Betz, Michael 2014
The chemical forms of sulfur in prostate cancer tissue analysed by... Czapla-Masztafiak, J. Okon,... 2014
The contribution of CD44v6 and CD44v7 to the crosstalk between... Thirupathi, Prabhu 2014
The Contribution of Gratitude to Satisfaction Models for Complaining... Simon, Francoise Ghesquiere,... 2014
The Detector System of the KATRIN Experiment - Implementation and... Schwarz, Johannes Simon 2014
The development and application of superhydrophilic-superhydrophobic... Boles, Erica Ann 2014
The dielectric breakdown limit of silicone dielectric elastomer... Gatti, Davide Haus, Henry ... 2014
The dynamics of finite-size settling particles Doychev, Todor 2014
The effects of disclosure policy on risk management incentives and... Hoang, Daniel Ruckes,... 2014
The Electrical Data Recorder Rigoll, Fabian Maaß,... 2014
The Geophysical Institute (GPI) today Gottschämmer, Ellen Bohlen,... 2014
The impact of a 126 GeV Higgs on the neutralino mass Beskidt, C. de Boer, W. ... 2014
The LIM domain protein nTRIP6 recruits the mediator complex to... Diefenbacher, M.E. Reich, D. ... 2014
The lithosphere of the Earth and controlled-source seismology - a... Prodehl, Claus 2014
The Long-Term Impact of Sales Promotions on Customer Equity Castéran, Herbert ... 2014
The mechanical and thermal setup of the GLORIA spectrometer Piesch, C. Sartorius, C. ... 2014
The method of densities for non-isotropic Boolean models Hörrmann, Julia 2014
The moving Fourier transformation of locally stationary processes... Lindner, Franziska 2014
The MULTITHIN Option of the Air Shower Simulation Program... Heck, Dieter 2014
The MUSICA MetOp/IASI H2O and deltaD products: characterisation and... Wiegele, A. Schneider, M. ... 2014
The MUSICA MetOp/IASI H2O and deltaD products: characterisation and... Wiegele, A. Schneider, M. ... 2014
The nature of uranium in sedimentary rocks of Epirus region (NW... Godelitsas, A. Mertzimekis,... 2014
The ofness and aboutness of survey questions. Improved indexing of... Friedrich, Tanja Siegers,... 2014
The "Pay What You Want'' Pricing Policy: Power Sharing or... Dekhili, Sihem Ghesquiere,... 2014
The people of the Geophysical Institute of the University of... Prodehl, Claus Bonjer,... 2014
The Physics of the B Factories Bevan, A.J. Golob, B. ... 2014
The Power and Overhead of Java Dynamic Software Updating... Schwarz, Tobias 2014
The Professional Partnership: An Alternative Paradigm for University... Edwards, Nancy 2014
The quantification of the key physics parameters for the DEMO ... Igitkhanov, Yu., Bazylev, B. ... 2014
Thermal-Economic Modularization of Small, Organic Rankine Cycle... Nusiaputra, Y.Y. Wiemer, H.J. ... 2014
Thermal field methods of the shallow subsurface Wagner, Valentin Kurt 2014
Thermodynamische Auslegung und transiente Simulation eines... Vetter, Christian 2014
The role of CD44 in Wnt/ß-catenin signaling Schmitt, Mark 2014
The significance of hydrothermal alteration zones for the mechanical... Meller, C. Kohl, T. 2014
The SPF27 Homologue Num1 Connects Splicing and Kinesin 1-Dependent... Kellner, N. Heimel, K. ... 2014
The State, its Boundaries, and Internationalization Considerations... Vasilache, Andreas 2014