Titel Autor Jahr
Preisentscheidungen in sequenziell gekoppelten Privathandels- und... Lemke, Fabian 2014
Pre-stressing of wood with full thread screws Steilner, Michael 2014
PRinfo. 1.2014, Juli Personalrat KIT 2014
PRinfo. 13.2014, März Personalrat KIT 2014
PRinfo. 14.2014, Juni Personalrat KIT 2014
Privatsphäre und Datenschutz beim Participatory Sensing Klebsattel, Christoph 2014
Probabilistische Bewertung der Zuverlässigkeit von Flussdeichen... Weißmann, Rainer 2014
Probing color coherence effects in pp collisions at s=7TeV Chatrchyan, S. Khachatryan,... 2014
Proceedings of the 2013 Joint Workshop of Fraunhofer IOSB and... Beyerer, Jürgen [Hrsg.] Pak,... 2014
Process Mining - Determining Structure of Distributed... Kenan, Ibrahimov 2014
Promovieren am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). Stand:... Karlsruhe House of Young... 2014
Propionic Acid Degradation by Syntrophic Bacteria During Anaerobic... Felchner-Zwirello,... 2014
Protokolle für privatsphärengerechtes Smart Metering Finster, Sören 2014
Proximity-induced superconductivity in single-layer and bilayer... Bordaz, Julien 2014
Prozessentwicklung für die Automatisierung der Herstellung und... Schillo, Sebastian... 2014
Pseudo-goldstino and electroweak gauginos at the LHC Hikasa, Ken-ichi Liu, Tao ... 2014
QCD-Scale f(R) Theories: Local and Cosmological Constraints Alavirad, Hamzeh 2014
Quantification of Uncertainties in a Distributed Parameter System ... Janya-anurak, Chettapong 2014
Quantified Stability Investigations for Reaction-Diffusion... Omarova, Madina 2014
Querdruckvorspannung von Holz mit Vollgewindeschrauben - Relaxation... Steilner, Michael 2014
Rank-aware, Approximate Query Processing on the Semantic Web Wagner, Andreas Josef 2014
Ranking for Web Data Search Using On-The-Fly Data... Herzig, Daniel Markus 2014
Rationale Elliptizität, Krümmung und Kohomologie Herrmann, Martin 2014
Rational Krylov subspace methods for phi-functions in exponential... Göckler, Tanja 2014
Real Time Detection of Primary Biological Aerosol Particles (PBAP)... Toprak, Emre 2014
Real-time imaging systems for superconducting nanowire single-photon... Hofherr, Matthias 2014
Real-time Nyquist signaling with dynamic precision and flexible... Schmogrow, R. Meyer, M. ... 2014
Real-time Response Framework Using MongoDB and 3D... Ameri, Parinaz Szuba,... 2014
RECAA - Werkzeugunterstützung in der Anforderungserhebung Körner, Sven J. 2014
RECAA - Werkzeugunterstützung in der Anforderungserhebung Körner, Sven J. 2014
Receding horizon control (RHC) on a Lidar based preview controller... Shinohara, Leilei Xu, Shenyao ... 2014
Recent Advances in Modularity Optimization and Their Application in... Geyer-Schulz, Andreas ... 2014
Recursive Generalized Total Least Squares with Noise Covariance... Rhode, S. Bleimund, F. ... 2014
Reference data for evaluation of gas production cross-sections in... Konobeyev, A. Yu. Fischer,... 2014
Regional-scale simulations of fungal spore aerosols using an... Hummel, M. Hoose, C. ... 2014
Remark on linear spaces Volkmann, Peter 2014
Renormalization aspects of N = 1 Super Yang-Mills theory in the... Capri, M.A.L. Granado, D.R. ... 2014
Replikation von µ-Peptidarrays Striffler, Jakob 2014
Reseach to Business : Kunden-Newsletter Innovation. 2014,1 Karlsruhe Institut für... 2014
Research to Business. Kunden-Newsletter Innovation. 1/2014 Karlsruhe Institute of... 2014
Research to Business. Kunden-Newsletter Innovation. 2/2014 Karlsruhe Institute of... 2014
Resolution-Controlled Conductivity Discretization in Electrical... Winkler, Robert Rieder,... 2014
Resource Allocation for Software Pipelines in Many-core... Jahn, Janmartin 2014
Revisiting radiation patterns in e+e- collisions Fischer, N. Gieseke, S. ... 2014
RN migration in a single fracture from Äspö, Sweden : Experiments... Huber, Florian Trinchero,... 2014
Scalability Study of HiFlow3 based on a Fluid Flow Channel... Heuveline, Vincent Ketelaer,... 2014
Scale-Wavelength Decomposition of Hyperspectral Signals - Use for... Ehrler, Christoph 2014
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on Electron-Boson Interactions in... Schackert, Michael Peter 2014
SCC betreibt größte deutsche Hochschul-Cloud Scheller, Ursula 2014
SCC-News. 2014,1 April Steinbuch Centre for... 2014